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Posted: 2/24/2011
Tricia has been amazing. She doesn't treat the project as just another job. She doggedly researches and tracks down potential leads as if she's researching her own family roots. Tricia goes way above and beyond the call of duty. She seems to genuinely care for her clients. She displayed this attitude when she suggested that I start my project on a smaller scale to see what, if any documents are out there, rather than just immediately submitting a bid that would deplete my entire budget from the beginning. This gesture was greatly appreciated. The scope of my initial search has since expanded and I look forward to working further with Tricia in my quest to discover my family's history.

Posted: 2/14/2011
Tricia was very professional, yet very personable. Her bid description was very detailed and again, highly professional and she was in touch with me quickly after I chose her for my project. I was looking for very specific information that I have been unable to locate on my own and though she was not successful in locating a death certificate for my 2-great grandfather, I am now convinced it is a clerical/administrative issue within the state of Arkansas rather than my own (or Tricia's) faulty research. She provided me with an obituary, as well as more information regarding the cemetery in which he was interred, and I'm very happy to have this information. She also gave me a detailed account of the sources she searched, as well as the outstanding sources that may still get in touch with her. I have no doubt she will share whatever she finds with me, even though the project is "over" and I would definitely recommend her to others. She absolutely knows her stuff and I picked up a few pointers myself as I become a better and more experienced genealogist. Thank you, Tricia!

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